What to Know Before Speaking to a Bail Bondsman

The bail bonds process is not always easy to understand. Compounding the confusion is the stress of having to get someone out on bail. This can make it difficult to understand what to do, especially if you find yourself seeking the assistance of a bail bonds company. To make the process more expedient, here are some things to know before speaking with a bail bondsman:

  • The full name of the person who has been arrested and is seeking bail.
  • The location of the person in custody is also important. Make sure that you know the city, county and jail where they are being held.
  • Knowing the booking number is also necessary to fulfill the bond. Call the correctional facility to see if you can get the booking number. Having this information can speed the bail process greatly.
  • Understand the charges that the person in custody is accused of committing.
  • Try and find out how much the bail amount is going to be. While the bondsman can help you find this information, similar to the booking number, knowing before you call can expedite the process. Knowing the bail amount will also let the bail company know the cost and requirement to get the accused released from jail.
  • Any extra information you may have about the case could also help ensure that the bail process goes smoothly.

Many people don’t have the right information when they call the bail company for help. By getting the above information first, you can help get the accused out of jail in a much more timely manner. To speak with a bondsman, call AA Best Bail Bonds today.

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