If you get in trouble with the law and need to get out of jail fast, you may want to choose the option to post bail. Bail is money, a bond or property that someone who is arrested pays to the court and in return promises to show up to their court date.

Waiting for Trial

Many people awaiting a court date end up waiting weeks and even months for their trial. Since many people don’t want to wait in jail for their court date, they can post bail so they can resume their regular lives before they go to trial.

Conditions of Release

When someone is released on bail, they have a set of rules they have to follow. If the person does not follow the conditions of release, they may have their bail revoked and be forced to await their trial in jail. Some conditions are vague, such as obeying all laws. Sometimes the rules are specifically reflective of the nature of the crime.


Bail can be paid in a number of ways. Most often the form of payment is a bond, cash, check or property. Some may even get a waiver of payment exchanged with a promise to appear in court on their own recognizance.

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